This week, Doobert founder Chris Roy was interviewed for a blog post for PetNet, talking about Doobert. PetNet gives owners peace of mind that their beloved pet is rehomed through a rescue organization that cares about the well-being of your loved furry family member. Their nationwide network of rescue partners [...]

It’s National Walk Your Pet Month!

You may have made your New Year’s resolution to get healthier which may include walking more. Lucky for you, it’s National Walk Your Pet Month. Take your dog along and work on your resolutions together! According to Pet Obesity Prevention, 57.9% of American pets are overweight or obese and even an extra [...]

Be uncomfortable

Be willing to be uncomfortable.  Be comfortable being uncomfortable.   It may get tough, but it's a small price to pay for living a dream.  - Peter McWilliams Somewhere between childhood and the adults we have become, we have forgotten what it's like to be uncomfortable.  We have so many [...]

Status Update on the State of the Science on Animal-Human Interaction – Its Complicated

I believe that animals are good for our health. So much do I believe this, that I have dedicated my career and life’s work to conducting research studies and developing programs that aim to untangle and decipher the specific ways in which the animals we love so much impact our [...]