Doobert Transport of the Week: Corona

Our Transport of the Week is Corona! Doobert organization, StoryTeller’s Express Inc. was responsible for coordinating Corona’s travels to her new home. StoryTeller’s Express, Inc. is a registered, not-for-profit (501C3) organization. The founder and president, Carolyn Parker, is a person who goes above and beyond to help animals. StoryTeller’s Express, Inc. [...]

How a Snickers, Nut, Bolt, and Ax Changed Animal Lives for Good

Not that long ago Chris Roy, the brains behind Doobert, wrote about Alexis Luce and her admirable efforts to assist animals and her local shelter. Alexis is an inspirational 15-year-old who has done so much for rescuing animals in her little part of the world. HQ for Alexis is Waukesha, [...]