10 Best Ways Your Dog Can Be A Social Butterfly

Many pets can be shy, whether it is due to their personality or just an environmental trigger.  Learn some of the best ways to socialize your dog and make your pup feel more comfortable around others by trying out some of the tips listed below.


1. Invite friends and family over to your house

  • Let your dog get used to new people in his/her own environment.


2. Invite safe,  friendly dogs to your home

  • It’s a great idea to let your dog meet other dogs as long as you know the pup you will be introducing is safe and clean.


3. Visit safe houses

  • Make sure the house you are going to will have a healthy dog that plays nice with others.


4. Do not let your dog run up to unknown dogsdownload

  • Other dogs may have diseases that you are unaware of or they could be unfriendly and make your dog even more uncomfortable.


5. Have your dog meet different kinds of people

  • Dogs should be exposed to people of different genders and ages.


6. Obedience training is key

  • Training offers your dog confidence and will make your pooch feel more in control.


7. Play interactive games


8. Tricks and Treats

  • This activity of completing tasks and getting a reward encourages positive reinforcement and helps a dog to relax.


9. Exercise

  • When your dog expends energy, he/she won’t have the energy to even worry about being shy at the end of the day.


10. Desensitize your pooch

  • Introduce triggers in a non-threatening way. If your pooch is afraid of loud noises, slowly make noises louder and louder and reward him or her with treats. Soon, your pup will associate noises with good feelings rather than fear.

There are some great blogs on specific ways to socialize adult dogs versus puppies

Have you had success with socializing your dog?  Let us know what worked for you!



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